First Seedlings of 2020

Started a few (10) pepper plants new years eve and so far it looks like I am off to a pretty good start.  Pictured I have Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Ghost, Jalapeno, Serrano and two types of Basil (thai and holy).  All the peppers came from a multi seed pack I purchased off amazon sold by Ohio Heirloom Seeds.  This will be the first time using them so I really have no idea what to expect.

Process was relatively simple.  For each variety I wanted two plants so I opted to put two seeds in each peat pellet after soaking the peat pellet overnight in water.  With two seeds in each pellet the hope was at least one of them would sprout.  So far it looks like about half of the peat pellets had both seeds sprout and we had 100% for at least one seed to sprout.  For any pellet where both sprout I would just cut down the under performing one.

These pellets were sitting in a humidity dome on a heat mat set to 85F.  Under a Spider Farmer SF-1000 light on a 18 hour/6 off timer.  This light is certainly overkill for germination, but since it can be adjusted you can run it all the way down at 40W I have just been using it like this.

Exciting start to 2020.  Not even 2 weeks in but already some amazing results.  I look forward to see how this light performs over the next few months.