First Pots & New Seeds! | 2020 Status Update

All the original seeds I planted New Years Eve have made it into their first pots except one, the 4 additional seeds I planted a couple weeks later for the germinating seeds post have sprouted bringing me to up to 13 pepper plants.  If this weren't enough today my order from White Hot Peppers came in, which had the 4 seeds I ordered plus an additional 4 bonus varieties, so I'm now starting an additional 16 plants (2 each).

The original 9 potted plants were transplanted about a week ago into solo cups with some nice potting soil.  I would have preferred to gone into bigger pots initially but realistically limited to around a 2 foot square grow area currently until I pick up an additional light.  The Serranos and Jalapenos have gotten pretty big but also a little leggy while the Habeneros, Ghost Peppers and Scotch Bonnet are still kind of small.  Overall the plants seem to be doing pretty well.

For the new seeds I have 2 super hot varieties: Peach Ghost Scorpion and Peach Ghost Jami (one of the bonus peppers), and the rest: Bahamian Goat, Habenero Caribbean Red, Swiss Chocolate Cross, Scotch Bonnet WHP, Primo X Lemon Drop, Jamaican Chocolate.

I've also decided to try a different germination method this time. Instead of using peat pellets I am using a tray filled with coconut coir growing medium.  The peat pellets have served me well so far, but I was curious to see how the coir grow medium would compare, and also to see if it would fair better than the peat pellets did with algae growth. Overall process though was pretty much exactly the same, instead of peat pellets you had coir growing medium in individual plastic cells.

Another SF-1000 light will soon need to be added so I can expand to the full 2x4 grow area.  Here's hoping that it will be enough till spring :)