Adjusting the Spider Farmer SF-1000 Light Output

While not as simple as adjusting a knob the Spider Farmer SF-1000 can be adjusted to different like output levels by adjusting a turn pot on the bottom side of the Mean Well driver that is mounted on the back side of the led board.  This adjustment is pretty easy and will allow you to run your light from 40W up to around 130W (although it might not be advisable to run it higher than the advertised 100W without additional cooling)

To get to this there are four screws that you can remove to separate the Mean Well driver from the aluminum backing.  Once separated you can now access the back side of the driver.  Remove the rubber plug covering the adjustment hole and you will now have access to the adjustment pot.

You will need a kill-a-watt or some other way to measure the watts being consumed by the SF-1000 to make this adjustment as well as a very long skinny philips head screwdriver as the adjustment put is quite a ways down that hole.  Using the adjustment pot you can adjust the SF-1000 all the way down to 40W and a little over 130W at the top end (your SF-1000 may cut out if adjusted too high, and was only designed to run at 100W).  Using the kill-a-watt you can monitor the watt usage of your light as you are adjusting the pot.

I have been running my light turned all the way down to 40W during germination to save electricity and in turn as a side benefit the SF-1000 will barely produce any heat when turned down so low.  Alternatively if you like living on the edge you could "overclock" your light by running it over 100W to get more bang for your buck.